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  1. Laurie Locashio says:

    I am so sorry about Marisol. Reading over your blogs is breaking my heart; I can only imagine the condition yours must be in. I know how scared & devastated I would be if this happened to my dog. I work at an animal hospital in Reading and printed out a flyer to hang on our board. Marisol is a beautiful little girl and my thoughts are with you as you continue to search for her. She sounds like she is a very special & loved part of the family who is deeply missed. I really hope she comes home soon.

  2. Bruce says:

    I live on the Fells on the North Side, near the Winchester Hospital. My wife and I walk or bike our dogs in there a few times per day. I have been bringing an extra leash and my cell phone in hopes of finding Marisol.

    I was out this Am and ran into some other people with dogs and told them to google this site. I wish I could do more.

    • anindita says:

      Thank you, Bruce! Spreading the word is really helpful, and it’s the biggest thing you can do for us right now. We were mistakenly telling people to look for her and to call for her and now we’re working backwards because we were wrong — pointing everyone to this site and carrying an extra leash & cell phone in case she approaches you is PERFECT. Thanks again!

  3. Peter Melish says:


    I was wondering if you made contact with the local mountain bike advocacy group Greater Boston NEMBA:

    Adam Glick is the president and he might be able to send out an email about Marisol to all the local riders.

    I run/bike at the Fells about 2- 3 times a week. I have a spare leash and your phone number programmed.

    Good luck!

  4. Amy Brown says:

    I just want you to know I check your blog every single day since I heard about it on the radio. I do not live or work close enough to search, but I pray every night for Marisol’s safe return. You are not alone and Marisol is in my thoughts always…

  5. Maribel Dominguez says:

    Hi, I’m so sorry for your family. Just reading your blog and everything else makes me cry. I can’t imagine loosing my dog. I would be devastated. I can imagine your pain, and I wish God help you to keep going until you find her. I know she is somewhere, and I know she is just waiting for you to find her. I don’t live nearby but I would pray so that Marisol is ok and for her safe return to that family that loves her so much. God is good, and I know he will give her back to you. Fingers crossed.. Best of luck!!


  6. Taylor says:

    I feel so bad for you guys. I have lost a pet before but only for a hour or a night. I lost my cat this morning and tore apart the house looking for him. I checked all of his favorite spots and could not find him. I opened up my screen door and called his name, and heard a meow. At first I did not know where it came from but then I noticed it was coming from under my poarch. I called his name again and heard him digging threw the snow to get out. Moments later his head popped out and he crawled out. So maybe Marisol will come out of no where.

  7. Katie says:

    Poor baby, I’m so sorry that your girl is still lost. I can’t imagine the pain you’re all in. If she makes her way to Natick she’s got a few people ready to be on the lookout. May everyone over the rainbow bridge guide her home and or keep her warm before the coming storm. :)

  8. Elisha says:

    I check your site every week or so and my heart just breaks when I don’t see that Marisol’s been found yet. I even Google’d The Fells to see how far away from PA it is.. I wish I lived closer so I could keep an eye out for her. I had my boyfriend post your link on Facebook and my brother checks your site out all the time, too. I pray for her safe & speedy return:) My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family.

  9. Robert Winters says:

    While hiking in the Fells on Saturday, March 19, 2011, we met a young girl with a dog that looked a lot like Marisol. The girl was Chinese (I believe) and was asking for directions to Flynn Rink. We met her just south of Spot Pond. I imagine that there must be many dogs that look similar to Marisol, so this is likely just a coincidence. The dog was friendly but not to the point of being readily petted and was running up and down along our group of hikers. One characteristic I noted was that when she ran, her rear legs seemed to spread wider than I would normally expect. I also remember thinking that this was a perfect size for a dog. The dog had a blue tag but they were gone before I had a chance to check the tag (and the dog might not have allowed it).

    Is it possible that Marisol may have been taken in and adopted by a family who provided food and shelter?

  10. RB says:

    I wish you the best and hope, hope, hope you find your pup!

  11. taylor says:

    Dont give up or lose faith… Someday, sometime, she will come home!

  12. June Schott says:

    Keep the faith, Marisol will be visible sooner or later. Like Daisy, she has become quite the expert at being seen by humans at this time. Like Daisy, she will make a mistake and become visible and sighted by someone. Four months went by before we received a reported Daisy sighting of July 9th, verified by professional pet tracking team of Sam and Salsa. Marisol may hide somewhere in the Fells during the day time hours, and roam at night in the nearby neighborhoods searching for food and possibly shelter, during hours with few people and vehicle traffic. There are so many wonderful volunteers searching for Marisol. When you least expect it, Marisol will become visible and get sighted by someone. Some of us Daisy volunteers are keeping an eye out for Marisol during our travels and visits to the Fells.

  13. Tracy Green says:

    Has Marisol been found?

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