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A lot of wonderful and kind people have been asking how they can help us find Marisol. We really appreciate it, and we’ll keep this page updated with whatever help we’re actively looking for.

This may seem counter intuitive, but the first thing that we ask is that you not go out and search for Marisol yourself. She has been missing for 3 weeks now, which means she’s no longer behaving like a house dog but like the street dog we originally rescued. She is not aggressive but likely trying to stay safe by hiding. She is avoiding areas when foot traffic increases and moving into quieter spots. We really need her to feel safe and stay put so that we can find her.

If you don’t normally go to the Fells, please don’t change your pattern just to search for Marisol. Although we appreciate the sentiment, it is highly unlikely that she’ll come out, and the increase in traffic might accidentally drive her away.

So what can you do to help?

(1) Postering. We’ve put together a “Marisol Street Team” for our targeted outreach efforts (like our day of handing out mini-flyers at various entrances to the Fells or asking businesses with community boards to post a flyer). If you would like to be informed about those, you can sign up here. We’ve posted a couple of flyering tips and guidelines here as well as the flyers themselves.

(2) Spread the word virtually. You can also help a great deal by posting this entry to Facebook, Twitter, your blog, a mailing list that you belong to, local community groups, etc. in order to let locals know that Marisol is still missing and that if they see her, they should call us right away and not try to chase her or call for her. I know this doesn’t feel like a big step, but we’ve heard from locals who heard about Marisol through friends in other states via Facebook, Twitter, etc. which is AWESOME.

Thank you so much for your help! We really appreciate it, and we’ve been seeing the effects of these outreach efforts — people are calling with sightings sooner than they used to, which is a huge step forward.

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  1. Put signs up at the local supermarkets and gas stations. Go to the state and local police. They will tell the officers to be on the look out for Marisol.
    She will most likely return to the area where she took off. Get your scent in the area that she was seen. Your scent will be on the trees, ground and the air will carry it to surrounding trees. Dogs have a terrific sense of smell. They rely on it.

    • anindita says:

      We’ve stayed in touch with everyone official over the past 2 1/2 weeks as well as posted flyers in all surrounding towns, post offices, libraries, grocery stores, vets, shelters, etc. and placed lawn signs on high traffic roads near the woods where she has been seen.

      Unfortunately, Marisol fled an attack, so she hasn’t returned to where it happened, but she has been seen in nearby woods that she knows well. There’s a lot of ground to cover, though… we’ve set up a feeding+scent station near sightings and walked through with dogs she knows well, so hopefully she’ll stick around between our combined scents.

      Thanks for your note!

  2. Karen Hall says:

    I’ve posted your flyer here in my ofice. Many co-workers hike and bike in the Fells. I’ve taken the poster to the Melrose Dog Society, who then e-mailed to the society and posted on their facebook page. I have seen the posters up around Melrose. Tomorrow my little hound is off to his groomer in Wakefield, so I’ll take another poster up there. My boy is a young friendly dog, but a little bigger than little Mari’s comfort level, so we won’t join the search this Saturday. On a leash, with her parents close by, she would adore my Zeke, but on her own he’d make her nervous. I’m checking this blog daily to see what else I can do. I’m encouraged by the sightings, as I’m sure you are.

    Karen Hall

  3. Anindita,
    I did tell you about my assisting on a search for a lost dog other then my own lost dog.
    The owner had Animal Control come in and they set up a trap that ended up capturing the dog. I don’t know if you have asked them, but it certainly worked in western Mass.
    Also, if you have another dog. Walk the area and perimeter with him/her so your Marisol will get that scent as well. Patricia

    • anindita says:

      Hi Patricia — we have spoken with animal control (and they’ve issued a SABER alert for Marisol). Our challenge right now is we aren’t getting a ton of sightings. We aren’t sure if she moved, if she’s hiding, what’s going on, so until we have a better sense of where she is and her food source, it’s tough to lure let alone trap. We are working with people on those steps and setting up some lures in the area anyway (can’t really hurt). In the meantime we’re continuing to do as much outreach as we can, so if she has moved, we’ll find out.

      We don’t have any other dogs, but Mari does have close dog friends, and they’ve been in the area regularly, and her dog walker still takes her dogs to the scene of the attack, so if she does end up going back, she’ll have plenty of familiar scent there and a neighborhood that’s looking out for her.

      I’m glad you got your dog back!

  4. Lproia says:

    I just read an article about a missing dog found with the use of a bloodhound. The handler and dog have since helped search for 13 lost dogs and have found 8. Her name is Lisa Thurber in Vermont. She may know of another search and rescue team or be able to help you herself.

    Bloodhounds are the best trackers on earth and can catch a scent that is weeks old even after it rains or snows. It would be worth a shot!

    Good luck and I’ll keep a look out as we hike the Fells.


    • Susanne says:

      Here’s an article about Thurber, the bloodhound, and his owner — very interesting!

    • anindita says:

      Thanks for this! We followed up, but sadly her dog passed away this fall :( She has a new one and plans to continue this line of work, but they’re just beginning to work together.

      • Lproia says:

        Just wondering if she knew of any other bloodhounds in he area? The article mentioned one in upstate NY that tracks injured wildlife.

        I looked up similar teams and found one in Wellsley and Weston!! So close! Who knew??

        Maybe you could contact them and find out if they can help or know of someone with a trained bloodhound who can.

      • Lisa says:

        hi there, i have been following the story of Marisol since November. I was saddened when I read your post today. I know you have done everything and any thing to locate your girl but have you contacted animal communicators? I have two contacts and possible three and would love for you to connect with them. They have found lost dogs. Please message me on facebook or send me one at and we can set something up. Thanks and again my prayers are with you and yours.


  5. maureen smith says:

    i hope you find your little dog…she is so adorable and i cannot imagine how you both feel without her…i have two wonderful maine coon mix cats, indoor ones, and i would be lost without them….i am praying that your little one will return home safe soon….good luck…

  6. Deb says:

    Does she like other dogs? We walk in the Fells (Long Pond area & around the Winchester Res) almost daily with our 2. We’ve been keeping an eye out & never call her name. It seems every dog we see has a person. I peer into the woods and brush but nothing. I wonder if our little terrier & poodle might make her want to stay away? Was she socially shy with dogs? You said she was a street dog – I hope that means she was smart. I think of you all every day & hope for your happy reunion.

    • anindita says:

      She’s very dog friendly, but right now she’s approaching them on her terms — probably after watching for a while. I’d say the best thing is to take a regular walk without scanning the area for her — ignoring her will help her feel safe. If she’s around, she may come to play, in which case you can sit and let her approach you. If she doesn’t, that’s okay — she’s going to be more wary of people than of dogs right now. Either way, just give us a call and let us know when and where you saw her. Thanks for your thoughts!

  7. Jan S, says:

    Hope…maybe the new sightings is what is needed…for a fresh start..the fells on the weekend have a lot of traffic…maybe these other areas Marisol will start coming out to play…my hope she will be home very soon…think about her everyday…passing out small colored poster cards to all people in area to just call if seen….stay positive keep focused and hope you can do this……Kari is adorable to..and is missing Marisol you can tell!I lost my dog for an hour and it was tough enough……have faith….she will be back at home soon..!

  8. Emily says:

    Just in case you are looking for some more help, Debbie Scarpellini is the woman who helped with Mackie, the lost dog in Beverly. She is local.

  9. Susan says:

    Dear Anindita,
    Last fall there was a similar situation here in Brattleboro Vermont where a dog sitter let a dog go off leash and it ran away – for days, maybe a week. The owner was out of town. Many of us who walk our dogs on “Solar Hill” spotted him, but were unable to catch him for the same reasons you mention in the article. The circumstances were also similar in that “Solar Hill” is close to interstate 91 and so the dog was crossing 91 and was frequently spotted in the neighborhood adjacent to the highway.
    What amazed me about this particular dog search was the cooperation between the sitter/owner and the local game warden, who loaned the owner or the sitter a bear trap (I don’t know the details on this – maybe he even helped to set it up), but the bear trap is what caught the dog within a day of being set. The trap is meant to catch the bear live and uninjured so he wasn’t hurt in the process and probably appreciated the bait while it waited to be rescued.

    I don’t know how cooperative the game warden is down in your area, but perhaps they might be willing to assist you in finding a bear trap or something similar.

    Best of luck – your dog is adorable!

    • anindita says:

      Thanks, Susan. We’ve talked to animal control in about ten towns and had a SABER alert issued for her — Unfortunately Mari has been traveling too far for any one person to be able to focus on recovering her. The woods where she’s lost are bordered by five different towns and of course she’s going through all of them! Hopefully we’ll be able to intercept her with a comfort station and get her into a routine of visiting it… when it comes to actual trapping, we’ll definitely need help!

  10. Joan Pokrant says:

    I did not read everything on you website, so you may have already tried this. The idea that immediately came to me after seeing the Globe article was that you should pitch a tent in an area that you think she has been, leave lots of items on the trail to the tent for her to smell, and sleep there. Perhaps she will smell the items and come to you. Stay in one spot with the tent as it may take awhile for her to find you. Cooking food may attract her as well. Nothing like a good BBQ smell.
    Good luck.

    • anindita says:

      We’ve set up comfort stations with clothing that smells like us and fragrant food (bacon, tripe, etc.) but haven’t intercepted her yet — she’s traveling through 2500 acres of woods (on two sides of I-93) and entering neighboring towns to search for food, so our challenge has been trying to get a step ahead of her so we can intercept whatever path she may be taking. We’re hoping the sightings will show a pattern of where she’s going so that we can intercept with food and homey scents!

  11. william says:

    i may have grid cordanance to search for your dog marisol i have had good responses before but not always but at this point ,i would like to fax this information to you with maps so you can go an look. please send me a fax number to send this info to you thanks william my email is

  12. Maybe leave a t shirt you slept in the night before in the “saftey zones” you are setting up.
    I have three kind playful Australian Shephards if there is somewhere I can walk them let me know.

    • anindita says:

      Yes! We have been, but unfortunately haven’t intercepted her yet. For now we’re asking people to stick to their routines and let us know if they see anything, but we’ll post if we have any specific requests for areas to cover. Thank you for the offer!

  13. Ann says:

    Hi. I read the article in the Globe today. I’m so sorry about Marisol. Two summers ago, our little pampered Tibetan Spaniel got scared in a thunderstorm and ran away. After 2 1/2 weeks, someone spotted her in 15 miles away from our house, and reported her to animal control. We had posted a SABER alert for her, and because of this, the animal control officer was able to identify her and bring her back to us!
    Moral of the story:
    Never loose hope. Dogs are amazingly resilient and tough! We think our little doggie survived on rain water and bugs for two + weeks!
    If you haven’t heard of or posted a SABER alert yet, you should do so immediately. Without SABER, we would never have gotten our sweet little dog back.
    Good luck! I really hope that you find Marisol!

    • anindita says:

      We had a SABER alert issued, and I’m so glad to hear they work! We only heard about them about 2 weeks ago, so thank you for posting about them. I’m glad you got your dog back.

  14. Heather Wager says:

    I just read the article and had a similar experience with our shelter dog, Sandy. Soon after we adopted her, she became scared and wouldn’t come inside. I tried to grab her by the collar and she ran away from me and jumped our 5 ft. fence! We tried searching for her but realized she wouldn’t come home. I ended up leaving the fence gate open to our back yard and left her dog bed on the back porch. She came home in the middle of the night and we found her lying on her bed. Try putting Marisol’s bedding in the comfort station. Good luck!

    • anindita says:

      Thanks, Heather! We’ve been placing clothing that smells like us and home at the food stations. We’re hanging onto her bed for now in case we decide to track again — we’ll need something that still smells strongly of her, and that’s our best bet. If we start closing in on a location for her though, absolutely — it’s a great idea. As of now she appears to be wandering through all five towns that border the Fells…

  15. Laura Whitney says:

    My heart bleeds for you! I have a previously-feral Basenji bitch who was lost in downtown Syracuse, NY on 10/31. We found her on 11/24 – thanks to (basically) a miracle – over 10 miles from where she was lost. Your Globe article contains many truths that few people consider! Like Marisol, my Sana reacted as a wild animal, and ran from everyone including me. A fortuitous sighting, plus a lot of work with several animal communicators, finally brought us our miracle. Please let me know if there is anything I can do besides spread the word, watch when driving the area, etc. You’ll be in my prayers!

  16. maureen says:

    posted on my FB page. Will keep you all in my prayers. Easy to see in the pictures what a sweetheart Mari is!

  17. Cindy Gingrich says:

    Marisol is on my bookmark bar and I’m looking forward to the post “We found her!” Hang in there! She’s a toughie with a good heavy coat and not a baby, and Satos are smart and resilient. I live in central MA but have contacted a friend in Winchester about Marisol. She’s married to Steve Zanotti, a partner at Winchester Vet — a great guy. You’ve probably done this, but a communicator might be worth a try — to let your girl know that you’re looking for her…..
    We’re sending good vibes from Boylston, MA!

  18. Donna C Domenico says:

    Hi Anindita, I’ve been following your story of Marisol and I would love
    to help in anyway I can. I wanted to ask you, where the malls are so packed with Christmas shoppers, I would be willing to put posters on
    the windshields of cars. Would that be okay? Also, I know this may sound a little ‘over the top,’ but what if you could hire a helicoptor pilot
    to scour the areas where Marisol has been seen? You & Andrew can go
    along and too. I don’t know what it would cost & I’m not wealthy, but I
    would be willing to make a donation if you decide to do this and I’m sure others would want to donate also.
    I feel so much for you & I’m praying that your little Marisol is back
    where she belongs (with you), very soon. Please take care & God watch
    over you, Andrew and especially Marisol. Donna

  19. Diane says:

    I live an hour north and west of where you are but my heart aches for you and I hope I will see good news as the days go by. Have hope!! My dog died at age 13 last March so I know the sense of loss when they are not in your days…

  20. Christine says:

    just wondering why you haven’t teamed up with the folks looking for Daisy.!/finddaisey

    Daisy bolted after being spooked by a thunderstorm from her Stoneham home. She’s been sighted repeatedly in Malden. I know it isn’t the same with Marisol…but it the same folks in the Malden, Medford, Melrose, Everett, Stoneham area who are concerned and if everyone was aware of both searches, it might improve the chances for both sweeties

    • anindita says:

      We’ve connected and have always linked to each other’s sites, and a lot of volunteers are working on both searches, which is awesome. We’ve passed leads to each other, as well.

  21. Tony Angel says:

    I’m inspired by your love for Marisol and your blog. I hope your reunited with her soon, I bet she misses the squishy hugs too. Tenzing Norgay, my Wolf-Hybrid has been missing for months now but I’m not giving up.

  22. Katt says:

    I just saw a link on Twitter (a RT from Rob Thomas actually) leading me to this site. I unfortunately can’t do much to help since I’m in Kentucky, but my thoughts and prayers go out to you though. I know what its like to have a missing animal. They become such a part of your family that its very difficult to go on until they are returned home safely. Good luck, and know that people are praying for you as far south as Kentucky!!!!

  23. Ross Ellenhorn says:

    Sorry to bother you with this, but our dog, Cody, got lost today just outside the fells in Medford. Remarkably, the situation was similar to Marisol’s; he was with his dog walker, unleashed, with a group, and he ran out of the parking lot, and across the street into the neighborhood. We are heartbroken. We’ve spent the day putting up posters and calling out for him, but to no avail. What you’ve done for Marisol is amazing. He are definitely not this tech savvy, and could use some advice, if you don’t mind.

    Thanks in advance,

    Ross Ellenhorn

    • bella says:

      Ross – Is your dog Cody the white husky/shepherd mix that went missing last week near Governor’s Ave? I understand that dog was recovered…or perhaps he got out again? I am in that exact area today postering for Marisol. Post a description and contact info for your dog. Thanks!

  24. bella says:

    I heard from Cody’s owner today. State Police found Cody safe on a median strip on Rt. 93! A happy ending…Your turn, Mari…

    • Sharon says:

      Were there two Cody’s missing? I saw a sign for the husky/lab mix several days ago, then yesterday ran into a woman who was looking for her shitzu named Cody who had just gotten lost. Were they both found?

      • bella says:

        Yes, there were 2 Cody’s…one a white husky/lab mix found on Friday, shortly after he went missing. The 2nd Cody from yesterday was also found on Rt. 93 by the State Police…not sure when – last night or today. That Cody is white and brown and sort of looks like a shitzu. Happy endings for the 2 Cody’s…HOPING for a Mari sighting today

  25. Paula M. Price says:

    I posted a message on the link “about Marisol ” if you would be so kind as to go there for my message to you. Again God bless and keep Believing. Dog is God spelled backwards!!!!

  26. Webber says:

    Dear Anindita,
    Last fall there was a similar situation here in Brattleboro Vermont where a dog sitter let a dog go off leash and it ran away – for days, maybe a week. The owner was out of town. Many of us who walk our dogs on “Solar Hill” spotted him, but were unable to catch him for the same reasons you mention in the article. The circumstances were also similar in that “Solar Hill” is close to interstate 91 and so the dog was crossing 91 and was frequently spotted in the neighborhood adjacent to the highway.
    What amazed me about this particular dog search was the cooperation between the sitter/owner and the local game warden, who loaned the owner or the sitter a bear trap (I don’t know the details on this – maybe he even helped to set it up), but the bear trap is what caught the dog within a day of being set. The trap is meant to catch the bear live and uninjured so he wasn’t hurt in the process and probably appreciated the bait while it waited to be rescued.


  27. don gaudreau says:

    I see the postings stop last February. I’m sorry if it didn’t work out for your beloved doggy. We are going through something similar. We have 4 dogs or did until Coby got lost on Sept. 25th when his Aussie mother bolted from the house when the boys left the door ajar. He followed, got separated, and she returned 2 days later without him. He was only 9 months old, part golden retriever and part aussie. All black, very sweet but also strong and a good runner who got lots of exercise with me and my wife. We’ve papered the neighboring towns with flyers, generated sightings, and tonight I staked out a feeding station that had food missing twice. His pattern based on sightings was making a circle north aprox. 5 miles, and circling around back down closer to us, 1.2 miles. NH and rural, lots of horse trails, power lines, lakes, rv trails, and tons of wooded area. It’s getting cold here. He was my buddy and bonded with me and my wife but was my shadow since I doted on him and took him inline skating every day, she hiking…. so it’s a roller coaster ride isn’t it! I’m going to read your blogs more carefully but I feel badly you had to lose her like that with a dog attack. I had another dog who got lost and hit and killed by a car, again the mother who bolts came back w/o him. I tried so hard to retrain her, keep her from doing it, but couldn’t afford gps or invisible fence but maybe that’s just an excuse.

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