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Two Good Things

(1) We got two sighting calls, one of which is pretty promising. Last night’s call didn’t have much detail about the dog’s appearance (even after following up), and it was pretty far outside of Mari’s radius (beyond the outliers we’ve … Continue reading

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Another favorite

Miss you, happy girl. share: Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Tell a friend

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A note on surveillance

One idea that’s come up a couple of times in the comments is surveillance. When coordinating with our dog rescue experts about what we should be doing and whether we should track, I asked about this. All three independently said … Continue reading

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A Good Girl

Here’s one of my favorite Marisol photos for tonight of Mari being extremely good without being told to sit and stay when her kibble spilled everywhere. She didn’t look at the food but kept eye contact and wagged her tail … Continue reading

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Unfortunately, nothing new to report

We did have a possible sighting on the 19th, but it was tough to tell if it was Mari or a fox. The sighting happened at a distance, so the size and coloring were right, but who knows? I went … Continue reading

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A short update

Feeling kind of wiped today, so a short update this time — first of all, thank you for all of your continued support and offers of help! We really appreciate everything you’re doing and that you’re offering to take on … Continue reading

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Ten Days

Mari, it’s been ten days, the longest we’ve ever gone without a sighting. It’s so hard not to imagine all sorts of awful things. I know, the weather’s been terrible, and people haven’t been out, but the weather makes waiting … Continue reading

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Nala’s home!

Her mom, Cara, heard dog tags jingling at 6:40 this morning and went downstairs to find Nala sleeping on the couch! They’d left their fence gate open with Nala’s food, bed, and some clothing left outside just in case she … Continue reading

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Mari, I’m shivering in the house because I’m sitting by a window and the cold’s coming in. I can’t imagine what it’s like out there tonight. Anne told us that dogs are resilient and self-sufficient, even though it’s really hard … Continue reading

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Missing sato in Weymouth!

Hi everyone, We got a call today from one of Marisol’s Army — Jill’s daughter’s sato escaped from her home in Weymouth this morning! She adopted Nala about a month ago, and she’s absolutely devastated. A door wasn’t closed all … Continue reading

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