A Good Girl

Here’s one of my favorite Marisol photos for tonight of Mari being extremely good without being told to sit and stay when her kibble spilled everywhere. She didn’t look at the food but kept eye contact and wagged her tail back and forth while we cleaned up:

Once we were done, she snuffled the entire area and found one piece that we missed under the rack to the left. For the next week or two, every time we let her out she’d flatten herself to look under the rack just in case there was another piece somewhere. She’s an optimist, and a very good and clever girl.

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9 Responses to A Good Girl

  1. Nancy from Chicago says:

    I’ve been reading your updates and pray that you will post “Marisol’s home”, please don’t loose the faith that your girl will be home soon where she belongs. My heart and prayers go out to both of you.

  2. Janet says:

    what a sweet story. she is such a great dog and you have so many beautiful photos capturing her every expression – she may be too smart for her own good but then again her intelligence and resilience are what’s keeping her basic needs met while she is out there. hang in there.

  3. paula says:

    Awww – such a sweet good girl. She is so beautiful. My prayers and positive thoughts continue throughout each and every day. Love surrounds her and protects her.

  4. Jane says:

    Marisol is an amazing dog and I feel so badly that she is still out there. Continued hopes and prayers that she will be found SOON! And – if there are any new needs for shelter scanning or anything else please put the word out.

  5. bella says:

    What a great story and photo of Marisol! We’re still out there, girl, looking for you and praying you are home with your parents soon. Don’t give up.

  6. Lauren says:

    I second the offer for coordinated zone scanning… She is out there keeping warm and safe which is adding to her current period of ‘hiding’. Sending our well wishes.

  7. Mary says:

    Thank you for sharing these adorable photos and stories of Marisol. She is an amazing animal and much smarter than us mere humans. I think of her day and night and pray constantly that she will be rescued safely and soon. With so many wonderful people praying and sending out positive thoughts, we have to keep expecting a Marisol miracle.

    And, please remember, if and when you decide on a surveillance strategy, I would be honored to be a part of the team. Marisol needs to come home. God Bless and keep her and the other little ones out there safe in the storm.

  8. Jill says:

    I would also volunteer to be part of a surveillance plan.

    Every day, when I wake up, I think first of Marisol. It’s just what happens.
    I think about her through the day, and I look for her in my travels that are a part of my job. I tell people about her.

    When I go in to my office, as happened today, I travel the stretch of the Fellsway between Melrose and Malden, and soon enough, back again. I am looking, as I drive. I am feeling Marisol’s “essence.”

    I don’t often dream- well since they say that “everyone” dreams, I’d say that I seldom remember my dreams.

    On two consectutive nights, I had a dream about Marisol coming home.
    I was there, somewhere, and she’d just come home. It was very vivid, and of course, a very happy time.
    The details get a little fuzzy, as dreams do, soon after they are over.

    But I drew hope from those dreams, and I took it to mean that Marisol IS still out there, sheltered somewhere from the weather, able to access food, and- I dare to *dream* that this IS the truth!


  9. Purly says:

    This wonderful photo shows her great strength of character!

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