Unfortunately, nothing new to report

We did have a possible sighting on the 19th, but it was tough to tell if it was Mari or a fox. The sighting happened at a distance, so the size and coloring were right, but who knows?

I went out with a tracker on Saturday for a couple of hours. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much luck in terms of getting new information. It’s so cold, scents don’t really carry, and it was tough to confirm or eliminate some of the spots — even with sightings from 10 days ago. We were running into the same issue with feeding stations — the food freezes, and the scents don’t carry.

It was helpful to have the tracker go through these areas and get a feel for the terrain, and of course we talked to whoever we saw and gave them mini-fliers. The good news was that people had heard of Mari through some channel and said they’d keep an eye out. I just wish we’d been able to narrow down an area.

And of course it’s the coldest night of the year. Walking around in yesterday’s 11 degree weather, I realized that I was okay with my coat and layers, especially with all of the tromping around. Mari’s coat works the same way, so she should be okay — not happy, but all right, especially if she finds shelter and some food.

But she should be home with her family. We miss her.

Mari and her buddy, Murray

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13 Responses to Unfortunately, nothing new to report

  1. Meira says:

    I’ll be thinking of Mari the next few days and send warm thoughts her way! Have faith that she’ll keep warm and safe!

  2. anonymous says:


    Just a positive story to help lift your spirits. If that golden retriever can make it through the Montana wilderness during wintertime, I just know smart little Marisol will be just fine during the next few cold days.

  3. Mary says:

    Sending our thoughts and prayers to Marisol and her family and hoping that she and the others out there will be safely home soon. God bless.

  4. Emily says:

    Thinking of you all. I’m sure Mari has shelter – warmer weather is just around the corner. XO

  5. Cathy says:

    I’m clinging to my dream of her curled up in a concrete bunker.

  6. Donna says:

    Thinking of the three of you and sending warm thoughts and prayers!!

  7. Jane says:

    I know this is so difficult. Just one thought about the possible sighting – in 15 years of year-round mountain biking and hiking in remote wooded areas, I only ever saw 1 fox. It seems like a rare event so let’s hope and pray it was Marisol. My thoughts are with both of you.

  8. bella says:

    I continue to keep Marisol in my thoughts and prayers…She’s a smart girl, and she’s got to be hunkered down…warmer temps ahead!!!

  9. Vincent says:

    I am keeping you all in my thoughts and am happy to help if you need anything. That is a great picture of Mari and Murray. Two very happy dogs!

  10. Nandini says:

    Every time it snows or the temperature drops we think of Mari. Hope she’s OK and you guys are too. Hugs.

  11. Beth G says:

    Today on our morning hike in the Fells, my dog Augie and I came across a large area where the resident deer had been digging up the snow looking for edibles underneath. I haven’t actually seen deer for months now, but clearly they’re out there.

    On one hand, when you’re on the lookout for one little dog, it’s daunting (and must be unbearably frustrating for you!) to think that even something that large can avoid being seen if it wants to. On the other, I find it encouraging to be reminded that even with the snow and the cold, those woods protect and support an abundance of life. I’m sure they can protect and support a smart little girl like Marisol, too.

    Our fingers and paws are crossed for all three of you.

  12. Sue says:

    I know you guys must be feeling so discouraged, but in my heart I feel that she is still out there doing what she has to do to survive until you are reunited. I think of you all the time and am still saying my nightly prayers for Marisol, that she is safe and warm. xxxxx

  13. Jan S, says:

    Marisol is so smart…I think she has found a few shelters and food supplies…hiding in plain sight…Marisol let someone catch a glimpse of you!

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