Mari, I’m shivering in the house because I’m sitting by a window and the cold’s coming in. I can’t imagine what it’s like out there tonight. Anne told us that dogs are resilient and self-sufficient, even though it’s really hard for us to believe. One of the dogs she rescued was out for a year, pretty much as a puppy, and survived an entire, brutal winter. Someone else sent us a story a while ago about a dog who was found during a Montana winter and had been hiding out in a broken down barn. The stories are there, but it’s wicked cold, and no one has seen you in over a week. I know these things go hand in hand. Brian said that they get far fewer calls in the winter to rescue animals, but it isn’t that there are fewer animals outside. There are fewer people out there, and the days are short. Your army’s still out there, though, helping out and letting people know about you. It’s incredible. They’re incredible, and I hope you get to meet them someday. They want to give you head scritches and belly rubs, just like we do, so you should come home.

I wish you and Daisy and Tito and now Nala would find each other and team up. That’s what satos do in Puerto Rico — run in packs. You’d be so much easier to find! And you wouldn’t be lonely, and you could cuddle together in an actual dog pile to stay warm. I could just see it, you’d be the boss, the general of your own canine army, but if one of the other dogs said, “Nah, let’s do this instead,” you’d say, “Okay!” and follow along. You never mind the game, as long as you get to play.

But this is where you should be, sol — where we can bundle you up and keep you safe.

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  1. Beth says:

    Aspen the Sheltie from CT was finally found after being lost for 20 mos!!!

    Here is a link to an old article about the search for him:

  2. bella says:

    Let’s continue hoping and praying keeping all of these incredible survival stories in mind. It will happen. Marisol is resourceful and smart from what you’ve shared. You will find her safe. She’ll soon be home. And I’m just one who can’t wait to meet her…I just can’t wait!!!

  3. Jill says:

    Oh yes, it is so very cold.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support and comfort you offered to me today regarding my daughter’s dog, Nala, a sato who went missing on Monday. My daughter lives in Weymouth, and I’m here in Wakefield. How will I ever find the way to be of sufficient help?

    The demands of my job have made it hard for me to be a part of Marisol’s army, in all of the ways I wish to. I have done some things, but not enough.
    That bothers me, a lot.

    But I always look for Marisol, working as I do in and around some of the towns where she has been seen. And I will look again tomorrow, too. But first I’ll hope that tomorrow is the day that Marisol is home, and now, Nala too. And all of the missing doggies.

    Thank you, too, for posting here about Nala. It means so much and I thank you sincerely.

    Tonight, my tears just came in big heaves. I think I am crying for my daughter, yes, that’s the most of it. Oh, how she waited until the time was right to have her own dog….she, who worked with dogs for years, during high school and college, and who, as a young girl/teen, showed such tender care for my (our) dogs. She watched the “Dog Whisperer”, she read books, she contemplated a career as a vet, but decided she could not be someone to inflict “pain” upon a dog, so to speak.

    Oh yes, I wish these doggies would find one another!

  4. Tracy says:

    Years ago my uncle found his (and our family’s) best dog in the world when she came into a saloon in Albuquerque during a terrible snowstorm. She was with a pack of street dogs, but she was a little Springer Spaniel with a bobbed tail and clearly didn’t belong with the rest of the gang. They were all covered with snow and she was just a puppy. He never found who her original owner was, but she found a safe, warm and extremely loving family. We all loved Bitters with all of our hearts. You never know what can happen.

  5. Meira says:

    I was talking to a co-worker about Mari and she told me her story. About ten years ago her family had an 10 year old golden who escaped while visiting another family member who lived 10 miles away. The pooch was gone the entire winter. Come summer they were outside and saw something struggling up the street and it was their dog!!! He had lost fur and has minor cuts on him, but he ended up being fine. He lived another 4 years too – not too shabby for an old golden!!!

    This dog was out in Western Mass too and the winters are a bit worse there!

    Hang in there and keep up the faith…and I can’t wait to give Mari a belly rub!!!!!!

  6. Jane says:

    Wow, these stories are heart wrenching but love to hear about the resilience and the happy reunions. I had no idea there are so many lost dogs out there! As for my own dogs they are becoming more and more spoiled since I first learned of Marisol because I have to hug them tight everytime I think of Marisol (and now the others)
    This past (gorgeous) weekend, I noticed so many little animal tracks out in the woods – bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels. There’s also plenty of food available out in the woods to survive on.
    My thoughts & prayers continue daily for Marisol and the other lost pups!

  7. bella says:

    I imagine you have done extensive research about what structures there are in the Fells. Can you say if there are barns or any other buildings where Mari may have sought shelter? I’ve had her on my mind with the cold and snowy weather and if would be great to know that these types of structures are there for her to seek refuge. Thanks.

  8. Mary says:

    So happy to read about Nala coming home and the other rescue stories. Bella has a good idea about checking any structures/caves where Marisol might hide in the Fells. I also wondered if her army could do surveillance in the areas she has been spotted on nights when trash is out for collection. Sitting in a car with binoculars might bring some positive results and I would be glad to put some time in doing this. Anything to bring her home as soon as possible.

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