Missing sato in Weymouth!

Hi everyone,

We got a call today from one of Marisol’s Army — Jill’s daughter’s sato escaped from her home in Weymouth this morning! She adopted Nala about a month ago, and she’s absolutely devastated. A door wasn’t closed all the way, and being the clever sato that she is, Nala got out.

Nala is a 2 1/2 year old mixed breed. She’s about 50 lbs, black with white markings. Jill’s daughter is out looking for Nala now (it’s early enough that Nala should be in “pet” mode and will come when called) while Jill’s making posters. They’re going to leave out food/clothing/Nala’s dog bed to help Nala find home and stay put. In the meantime, if you could help spread the word about Nala, that would be terrific! Please post to Facebook, tweet — do what you can to reach people in the South Shore.

Here is a photo of Nala:

If you see Nala, please call: 617-549-5156 or 617-347-3249.

Thank you!

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5 Responses to Missing sato in Weymouth!

  1. christine says:

    We are in Rincon Puerto Rico right now and still check daily on Marisol’s (and the others) updates!!! So many street dogs down here, but happy to say it is getting better. Every year we come down there are less and less street dogs. Volunteering at the ARF spay and nuetering picnic this Sunday! Keeping our hopes and fingers crossed that all the Sato’s back home return safe and sound soon!

  2. linda says:

    i wished i lived closer to look for Nala!! keeping fingers crossed she comes home today!! and Marisol i look for you everyday in medford stoneham area… please show your little face NOW!!!! you have a lot of people waiting to meet you and welcome you home!!

  3. bella says:

    Posted Nala’s photo and info on my Facebook and will send to my email contact list as well. She’s a beautiful dog! I hope they get her back soon.

    Hoping to hear word on another Marisol sighting. Yesterday was a beautiful day…I hoped she was out and about where someone would see her.

  4. Jan of Lynn says:

    I am so very sorry to hear of Nala being lost. My heart goes out to you, and also to the owners of Marisol.

    May you all soon be happily reunited!

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