It’s supposed to be a big one, sol — a blizzard. I hope you scavenged some awesome Christmas leftovers and have hunkered down someplace warm and dry. I’m trying not to think about how this is perfect weather for snuggling with you, about all of those snow storms when we’d cuddle up with a blanket and a movie, and when we’d finally have to dig out, you’d bound through the snow, your ears flat against your head so you could go faster — faster — faster. Instead of one of those lovely, snow-covered lawns like you see in Christmas cards, we’d have crazy trails looping all around, and it cracked us up every time we’d look outside.

We had a lovely Christmas, little one, but we missed you so much. Andrew’s mom made you a stocking, and Emma wore her collar with bells on it, and Lola was in her elf outfit, and Marley was wearing his skull and crossbones hoody, just like every other Christmas. We needed you with your bells and energy and NEED TO PLAY and curiosity and big smile and happy, tired, end of day sighs.

I miss you, sol. Come home. I promise I won’t let your dad do this to you again:

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6 Responses to Snowpocalypse

  1. L Hood says:

    She looks adorable but horrified! What a trooper. :)

    I went out today to check on a colony of feral cats in the area, and it occurred to me that Marisol might be scavenging food from managed colonies in her area. I contacted Mass Cats ( and asked them to send out an e-mail notice to their members. These folks donate time (and money) to helping feral, stray, and abandoned cats and several of them manage feral cat colonies. They are in a prime position to come across Marisol.

  2. Lauren says:

    Merry Christmas to you all. Even on a busy day filled with family, I still couldn’t help but think of Marisol and your plight. I am still praying for a Christmas miracle in that she will be home to you soon! With her street smarts, she is tucked away warm and toasty waiting out the storm. I keep racking my brain to think of desirable places for a newly ‘feral’ dog – abandoned buildings/homes, lots, junk yards, etc… Anything like that in the area? I’ll keep my eyes peeled. We need that one kind soul to see her snug in her hiding spot and give you the lead!

  3. Jane says:

    I am thinking of you all tonight. I’m not a “cat person” but know a lifetime feral cat “Stubby” who lives on the waterfront in Gloucester. Several businesses watch out for him & let him stay in their buildings on cold days but on Christmas morning my dogs & I saw him waiting outside the lumber yard for it to open – he didn’t realize it was Christmas and they weren’t opening. I went to leave him some cat food today and he was curled up snug & warm inside a pipe in the lumber yard. I’m envisioning Marisol equally comfortable waiting out the storm.

  4. Karen Martakos says:

    This snow will cut down on foot traffic in the Fells, so maybe Mari will come out of her hiding places a little more. We die-hards will still be out enjoying the woods when they’re covered in snow, and most of the Fells regulars are familiar with her story. I’m hoping that the quiet of the winter woods, and the newly whitened forest floor, will create the right setting for a better sighting, possibly leading to a successful trapping.

    I plan to do some XC skiing in the area this week. I’ll keep my eyes opened & my cell phone handy.

  5. Mary says:

    My husband and I were in the Fells this afternoon and went up to Wright’s Tower. We both had binoculars and scoured the area hoping for a glimpse of Marisol. Like the other members of Marisol’s army, we hope and pray she and Daisy and all the other lost animals have found shelter from the storm.
    We are very encouraged after reading the Christmas Eve story of the other lost dog who was found. Expect a miracle!

  6. Pat Barbuto says:

    I’ve been following the story of Marisol since she went missing, and can’t help but cry everytime I read a story like yours. I’m constantly checking out shelter sites, along with craigslist trying to help people locate lost pets. I don’t live in your area, but I feel for you and others in this situation…I know how you feel about Marisol, because I feel the same way about my dog Red! Don’t ever give up hope, she’s a tough little girl and street smart, and miracles do happen. I often wonder if Marisol has been picked up by a kind soul that thinks she’s homeless, and hasn’t seen the posters! It would be nice if you could get her story on a news station, we could reach more people that way, in case she was picked up. I will continue to do whatever I can to find Marisol…your all in my thoughts and prayers.

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