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Someone suggested in the comments that this is all some sort of scam. It’s an ugly thought, but we let the comment stand because it’s a legitimate concern on some level. All I can say is that there are far easier ways to “scam money and get famous.” Losing a family member isn’t one of them.

We never intended this website to last more than a few days. It’s become a place to distribute news but also to share our fears and thoughts about Mari. The fact that she is still missing is breaking my heart. And while some of you might think donations are pouring in, they aren’t. We received more than enough to cover the first day of tracking and are waiting to see if we need to track again — we are trying to be as strategic as possible with these funds.

The bigger truth is at this point we need help getting the word out more than we need donations. I initially posted the donation link when we hired a tracker dog ($100/hr). I pulled it because I was incredibly surprised at how generous people were. I put it back because several people asked where it went.

Still, I’m really quite troubled by the thought that anyone thinks this is a bid for money. Consequently I’ve pulled the donation link from the front page, but I’m going to leave it in this post.

*** I took down the link again because we haven’t needed to spend much money lately. I’ll put it back if we run low, but mostly we’re just waiting, and waiting, and waiting :( -AS ***

Every bit helps, but please only donate if you can afford it. We will use the money mostly for funding tracker dogs and our PI, which adds up fast. If we have anything left over it will be donated to Sato (PR Street Dog) rescue organizations. A complete accounting will be published here. THANK YOU!!

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3 Responses to About Donations

  1. Tim says:

    Although it’s disappointing that one visitor thought this might be a scam, it’s clear to me that it says far more about their outlook on the world than your actions.

    Over five thousand people have read Marisol’s story on this site, and nearly 250 comments have been posted here from people donating their time, their goodwill, and occasionally their money, with many more in the area on the lookout for Marisol. This is as deeply inspiring to me as you’ve written that it is to you, and I’m hardly going to let one dark soul ruin the positive energy that’s pulling for Marisol’s safe return.

    And I’d put the donate link back — one of my colleagues that I shared this site with was eager to chip in, if only to be able to make a concrete contribution to Marisol’s safe and speedy return!

    • andrew says:

      Hey Tim, thanks. And to anyone else who might not realize, Tim is our amazing friend who (in addition to volunteering fliers and other tips and his time) put together this site and is hosting it for us. It’s become a source of great comfort and an amazing resource in our search.

      So it’s pretty clear from your note (and a few similar texts and emails I got after posting this) that most people agree with you.

      Almost everyone we’ve encountered as a result of this crazy journey have been wonderful. The one or two bad experiences tend to stand out because of that, but I was briefly truly worried that people might freak out and not help because they thought we were just trying to make some cash. *sigh*

      As a compromise I’m going to leave a text donation link on the side of the site under “links” and link it to this post. If people would like to donate they are certainly welcome. It’s always helpful and appreciated, but by making it less prominent I’ll feel a bit better I think. All we really want is our family back together.

      Thank you all!

  2. Justin says:

    DON’T move the donations link to a post. Keep it on the front page. For just one person to make a post like that… forget about them. You have every right to ask for money. Nobody’s being forced – if people want to donate, they will. But to move the link to a post that far less people will see – don’t do it! Far more people believe in you than the one skeptic.

    Hope you find her soon.

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