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We’ve been quiet here for the most part because there hasn’t been much to post — in a lot of ways it feels like we’ve said everything already. Mari’s adoption day came and went on May 8th. It was the second time without her. I had the very strange realization that she has now been gone as long as she was with us — there’s an entire lifetime’s worth of experiences we don’t know about. Do her paws still smell of Fritos? Or does she need a couple of baths first? Does she go swimming at all? How many toy squirrels could she have gutted in this time?

Sightings are starting up again, as days are getting longer. There were a couple this month that the team is following up on. As I mentioned in a previous post, a couple of volunteers asked us if they could take the lead on the search. They approached us a couple of months ago with a plan, and we said yes. They’d already been helping with some of the toughest aspects of the search — Bella had taken over making the “roadkill calls” for me (which never got any easier, no matter how times I had to do this) — and the members of the team had already been helping us with feeding stations and postering for months.

Bella asked if I’d post her direct contact information here. If you see a lost dog who fits Mari’s description, please call or text 781-334-8364. Someone from the team will be at the sighting location asap. Bella’s email address is bellatrav [at] gmail [dot] com. If you’d like to help the team, please contact her by email.

Andrew and I are very grateful to her, Kevin, Donna, Mary, and Gail for their daily help and to everyone who has continued to check in and send positive thoughts. Mari’s a lucky girl to have such a loving army at her back.

Mari on adoption day, saying goodbye to Gloria, who saved her.

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  1. Simone says:

    I’m so happy to see a post here, and to know that there have been potential sightings. I can’t imagine how difficult this all has been, but please keep the faith that you will have those Fritos paws back with you someday soon! I have read several stories lately of dogs found after being on their own for more than a year. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do–postering, calls, whatever.

  2. Donna Yerick says:

    Sending good thoughts your way. I check the site everyday for some good news. Good Luck, I hope you and Andrew finally getting Mari back this summer.

  3. Leslie says:

    Beautiful photo of Marisol and all of you. I am glad to hear that there are sightings and so many generous people who are doing so much for this gem of a creature. Sending good wishes and lots of hope to you all.

  4. Paula says:

    I was so happy to get this email today. Praying always. Hoping always.

  5. Mary says:

    Hi Anindita: so good to hear from you. Marisol, you and Andrew are always in our thoughts and good wishes. Please know that Marisol’s Army is still out there, still active and will never disband until she is found. Loved the photo of her adoption day. Still praying and postering, Mary

  6. Emily says:

    Always thinking of you all. Happy to hear of potential sightings! What a beautiful photo. Sending good thoughts…

  7. Gail says:

    Thanks for this post, Anindita–I absolutely love this photo! A friend recently sent me the link to this story: It gave me renewed hope that we’ll find Marisol, and I’m so looking forward to the day when the link to the story of Mari’s rescue gets sent all over the country, too!
    Take good care, and know that you and Andrew (and of course Marisol) are in the thoughts and prayers of so many.

  8. Kristen says:

    I check this site once in a while and always hope it will say she’s been found. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    I have hope that you will be reunited one day very soon.


  9. Jane says:

    I think about Marisol everyday when I walk my dogs and visualize her warm, well-fed, & happy. I hope she comes home soon and am willing to help with the search whenever needed. Take care.

  10. Isabelle Anne says:

    “Dog found in Melrose on Friday, June 1, 2012. Small female terrier, tri-color. Call Melrose Canine Control 781-979-4102.”

  11. bella says:

    One of Marisol’s Army volunteers saw a dog in the Fells from a distance on Sunday, June 10 who looked like Marisol. We’ve posted this on craigslist. Please keep word going.

  12. Jane says:

    I SO hope it’s Marisol in the Fells & she comes home soon!

  13. Jane says:

    Did everyone see this on Craigslist?!!!!
    Date: 2012-07-27, 10:20AM EDT
    Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

    WE’VE HAD A VERY CREDIBLE MARISOL SIGHTING ON Thursday, July 26 in The Fells on the Skyline Trail near Sheepfold!!!
    Another previous sighting was less than a mile away on June 10 in The Fells on the Cross Fells Trail.
    If you hike in this area, please keep an eye out for her and call 781-334-8364 IMMEDIATELY if you see her!
    Please do not call out to her or chase her – just call us at 781-334-8364.
    Marisol weighs about 20 lbs and is copper-colored.
    Consider programming Marisol’s # 781-334-8364 into your cell phone for quick access.
    Help spread word that the search for Marisol is active.
    Thank you.

  14. Veronica says:

    I am so sorry that your dog ran away. My heart goes out to you, and I hope you find Marisol soon.

  15. Donna Yerick says:

    That is great news!!!! I am so looking forward to the day I read Marisol is back home with Andrew and Anindita! Wishing good thoughts your way as always.

  16. Emily says:

    Great news! So hoping…..xo

  17. Deb says:

    Reading about the credible sighting gave me chills. Come on Marisol, time to come home!

  18. Lauren says:

    I still pray for Marisol’s safe return. I’m hoping the credible sightings turn into a rescue/retrieval mission very very soon!

  19. Mary says:

    What uplifting encouraging news! Your army is still looking and praying for you Marisol. Please come home soon. We have faith in you and your survival skills. God bless :)

  20. Beth says:

    Was thinking about Mari and her family tonight..still praying like crazy that she is reunited with her family!

  21. Lauren says:

    Wondering if there is anything new or any promising sightings… Always in our prayers…

  22. Mary says:

    Marisol: we hiked on the Sky Line trail this afternoon hoping for a glimpse of you. Maybe next time…we’re always looking and praying.

  23. Jane says:

    Still thinking of Marisol every day

  24. Michele says:

    I just wanted you to know that I still say a prayer for you both and Marisol every night before I go to sleep. I think about Marisol a lot as I will be doing something with our dog Zeema. I can’t imagine your pain, but I hope and pray every night for all 3 of you…I have since the beginning and I will until you find her and bring her home to all the love you have waiting for her!! Your family has many families praying for you and hoping all the best for all of you! God Bless.

  25. Donna Yerick says:

    I know it would probably be on here but does anyone know if there has been any sightings since May?

  26. Rosemary says:

    I have been following Bella’s postings in the Medford Patch.

    WE HAD A CREDIBLE MARISOL SIGHTING on Thursday, July 26 in The Fells on the Skyline Trail near Sheepfold!!! The dog ran by a hiker named Amy and she is positive that it was a dog because it was wearing a collar. No one was in sight and the dog ran off the trail alone into the woods. Thank you for calling right away, Amy.
    Another previous sighting was less than a mile away on June 10 in The Fells on the Cross Fells Trail.

  27. bella says:

    We have had 2 cameras set with a feed station in the Fells all summer. We got pics of a red dog who we think may have been Marisol over a month ago at the location of the July 26 sighting which was very exciting and promising. We haven’t had much luck since.
    We are re-evaluating our plan and will continue with our search as long as there is a chance Marisol is still out there.

  28. Mary says:

    Thanks for the update Bella. Please let Marisol’s Army know how we can be of any assistance going forward. There’s always a chance….:)

  29. Jane says:

    Bless you Bella! Just read another story of a dog found after 4 years. I hope it’s not that long before Marisol is found.

  30. paula says:

    sweet brave Marisol – God is watching over you. The Light of God surrounds you. The Love of God enfolds you. The Power of God protects you. The Presence of God watches over you. Always believing and hoping. Miracles happen every day – I believe in miracles. I’m praying.

  31. Jane says:

    Thinking of Marisol today (and her family). So sorry she’s still missing and may she be safe.

  32. Katie says:

    Came to check in on the search today. Glad to hear the search still continues, but sad to see that it still has to. Know that she’s still not forgotten and unknown strangers are still pulling for her. Good luck little Marisol, I hope you will return home to those who love you soon.

  33. Ann says:

    We’ll keep our eye out for you always Marisol.

  34. bella says:

    “Possible” Marisol sighting in Medford off South Border Road.
    The woman who called said that the dog was alone and running in circles in a clearing.
    No one was in sight.
    Though it’s been a long time since Marisol was lost, we continue to follow solid possible sightings and we’ve set a camera and feed station.
    Thanks to everyone who has kept an eye out for Marisol.
    Please share that we continue to look for her and need everyone to be aware.

  35. Jane says:

    WOW- amazing!
    Will continue to think positive and believe that she’ll come home safely

  36. Diana says:

    Really happy to see that there was a possible sighting and also that the search continues. Thank you to those who are still looking, we moved away from the area but I still think of Marisol.

  37. Margo Sullivan says:

    I keep checking here in the hopes you will have good news. If you need help, please let me know.

  38. Carolyn says:

    Someone reported finding a small dog in the Fells today and handing it over to the State Police. I directed them to your website. Still thinking of Mari daily and spreading the word. Remain hopeful.

  39. rebecca says:

    i really hope this is her…
    fingers and paws crossed at my house!

  40. Mary Boudreau says:

    Still hoping, praying and looking for Marisol. We are encouraged by Bella’s note on a recent sighting in Medford. Just saw an article on CNN on a lost dog rescued and returned to her owner after seven years! There are miracles out there and we need one for Marisol and Daisy :)

  41. Sue says:

    I still have hope for Marisol. I check in here at least once a week to see if there is any news. I volunteer for a dog rescue that recently had a lost dog and GSDR helped us out. I asked their President if she thought Marisol was still out there and she said “Absolutely”. I’m still hoping for a miracle and haven’t forgotten.

  42. bella says:

    We got a call on Christmas Eve with a possible Marisol sighting.
    It was in Winchester in a neighborhood bordering the Fells and within 2 miles of other sightings.
    It’s difficult to say for sure if this could have been Marisol, but we are going out this weekend to move the camera and post more fliers.
    As lost dogs go, anything is possible.
    We have nothing to lose by following up and we will.
    Thank you everyone for not giving up hope.
    We’ll keep you posted.

  43. Cam says:

    Just read that marisol may resemble a fox. May be unrelated but in the past 6 mos or so I have seen what I thought was a sick fox walking thru winchester High school’s student parking lot and on skillings rd and more recently (maybe 3 mos ago) walking down highland ave toward forest st in winchester. It struck me as odd because it was just walking along in the middle of the day and I thought its behavior and unkept appearance unusual for a fox. Now that I read marisol’s color and size may be similar, it made me wonder what I have actually seen. Best of luck in your recovery.

  44. Donna says:

    Great News piece on Channel 7. Praying for Miss Marisol!!

  45. Jane says:

    I too am hoping Marisol will come home soon

  46. Emily says:

    So hoping that Marisol is home soon…

  47. Mary says:

    Marisol: hiked on the Reservoir Trail this afternoon hoping for a sighting of you. Your army is still out there and we won’t give up. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  48. bella says:

    Update on the Winchester sighting:

    We had a camera and feed station set for a week in a yard close to the possible Dec. 24 Winchester sighting.
    Because of the widespread TV coverage over New Year’s Eve and Day, we got another sighting about 1 mile away in Woburn from a few residents who all thought that they saw a dog who looked like Marisol on their cul de sac at dusk on Jan. 3.

    We immediately set 2 cameras and feed stations and the trap.
    Turns out that the dog they saw was probably a fox.
    I saw the fox twice during daylight at very close range.
    It was in the exact area of the sightings.
    The fox is mostly copper-colored with some black markings and it would be easy to think that this fox was a dog at dusk when light is limited.

    We never got a pic of a dog on the cameras and the food we left – chicken broth, rotisserie chicken, fried fish, cheeseburgers, dog food…you name it…went virtually untouched except for tidbits a squirrel managed to nibble.

    Cameras and traps are down after our hopes were up.
    We need another sighting.

  49. jan says:

    could Army ck with Revere on a dog if not already reached. Poster of a adult found dog.. thanks

  50. Lauren says:

    Still sending prayers from CA for Mari’s eventual reunion with her mom and dad.

  51. Donna Yerick says:

    Has there been any definite sightings of Marisol at all in the last few months?

    • bella says:

      No, Donna, no definite sightings, but the one in Winchester on Christmas Eve was certainly promising.
      We called the gentleman who reported the sighting a few times for more details, but he didn’t return calls.
      We set a camera and feed station next door to his house hoping that if the dog came back, she’d come for the food we set, but we only got picks of a young coyote.
      The man, who is a dog owner, was certain that the animal he saw was a dog and believed it to look like Marisol from a flier he saw later in the day.
      We were hopeful that she would have stayed in the neighborhood if it was her.
      In the end, we can’t say that it was her or even a dog for sure.

  52. Donna Yerick says:

    Thank You for the update Bella. I am very sad that Marisol has still not been found, but hope she will someday.

  53. Mary says:

    Hi Bella: I too thank you so much for the update. Like Donna and so many others, I hope that Marisol will be found and rescued. As part of her Army, I’ll continue to search and pray for a miracle.

  54. Lauren says:

    Just checking in. My heart is still hoping for a reunion…

  55. bella says:

    Some time has passed since we’ve checked in, but our thoughts have remained with Marisol.
    There hasn’t been anything concrete to report, but we’ve received sporadic info on an animal who resembles a dog or a fox in the area near the last possible sighting at Winchester Hospital, which was on Christmas Eve, 2012.
    So…if anyone is in the Forest Street/Marble Street, Winchester area and would like to post Marisol flyers, it can’t hurt.
    We hope that Marisol is in a loving home…if she isn’t, it’s entirely possible that she’s found her way living on her own.
    We’ve seen so many scenarios in our lost dog searches…anything is possible.
    But wouldn’t it be incredible to learn what became of Marisol?
    We still have hope that we’ll find out.

    • Mary Boudreau says:

      Hi Bella: thanks for the update. Marisol’s poster is still in our car window and she and Daisy and all the other lost pets are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep hope alive, miracles do happen!

  56. Jane says:

    I still think of Marisol- especially recently when the Granite State rescue group found a dog that had been living outside for many years. The dog even looked somewhat like Marisol.
    I hope she will be found happy & safe.

  57. isabelle anne says:

    Thank you for the update. I still think about & pray for Marisol.

  58. Margo Ann Sullivan says:

    I could do some flyers. I don’t live in that area but would go up, if no one else is available. I keep hoping for good news for Marisol.

  59. bella says:

    If anyone is interested in putting up Marisol flyers, here are the streets:
    In Stoneham:
    S. Congress
    S. Marble
    In Wichester (Marble St. Stoneham becomes Forest St. Winchester):
    Please be sure that the flyer you use has this #:
    We’ve had a few sightings this summer in that area.
    Folks believe it was a dog resembling Marisol and not wildlife.
    Each time, the animal ran into the woods.
    It’s difficult to say for sure what they are seeing, but ANYTHING is possible!
    Thank you.

  60. jennifer says:

    I could not attach image…
    Bonnie Bowes shared Mary Craig’s photo.

    Found in the Town of Rowley Ma. Do you know this dog?
    (shared from GSDR – dog is held at The Hydrant Regency & they have a FB Page, or call town of Rowley.)

  61. bella says:

    Rowley dog looks so much like Marisol, but if you look closely, it’s a male.

  62. Mary says:

    Hi Bella: I put up the new posters on the following streets in Winchester today: Forest, Eugene, Bellevue, Polk, Chisholm, Ware and Dana (two locations on this street.) Spoke with two women on the Reservoir Trail & showed them Marisol’s photo. One of them has a rescue dog from Puerto Rico (Juno) and they both promised to keep an eye out for Marisol.

  63. bella says:

    Hi Mary
    You are wonderful!
    Many thanks.

  64. Jane says:

    Thinking about Marisol

  65. Donna Yerick says:

    Hi Bella, Has there been any sightings lately? This is sad I thought for sure that Marisol would be found by now. Would bringing in a tracking dog give any insight as to the possibility of Marisols location? I am from NY but I am assuming that The Fells covers many miles and that is why it has been so hard to find Marisol?

  66. bella says:

    Hi Donna
    Sorry for the late reply.
    I haven’t been on Marisol’s site recently, though many of us talk about her often in our work in helping to find other lost dogs.
    I don’t think Marisol is lost deep in The Fells Reservation and many agree.
    If she’s nearby, she’s most likely living in the woods, but close to a neighborhood.
    We hope that’s the case and some have spotted an animal in the shallow woods that resembles a fox, but is a dog by their accounts.
    If Marisol isn’t living in the shallow woods, we all hope that she’s living as someone’s pet.
    Should we get any information on possible Marisol sightings, we always follow up.
    We know of another dog who recently after 2 years…rescuers are working to get her!
    Anything is possible…

  67. Sue says:

    I still think of you all the time Marisol. I hope you’re safe in a home hopefully with a family who doesn’t know that you’re missing and who is feeding you Hummus. If not, I hope you’re staying warm and safe.

  68. Donna Yerick says:

    Hi Bella,
    Thanks for the update. Such a sad story I hope that 2014 is the year Marisol will finally return home.

  69. Sue says:

    Any updates? I still think of her daily and wish we could all get some closure to this story. If someone has her, please step up and let us all know. Any sightings?

  70. Mary says:

    From your mouth to God’s ear Sue. We’re still praying for a miracle here.

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