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I just wanted to post a thank you to the Daisy Team for having Marisol mini-fliers and a poster at their booth at the Stoneham Kiwanis dog show on Saturday and to Gail for arranging it.

I found a couple of photos I didn’t know we had — like when Andrew went to shoot a video of something and realized the last thing on the tape was Mari running away from the camera and then running up to nose it.

This is one that Andrew took. Mari wasn’t a fan of our computers, which meant no playing, but she was our constant coworker. She’d hang out in the same room, sometimes monitoring the window, sometimes sitting on our feet and licking our toes, and otherwise getting soooo bored. Here’s what she’d do:

When we’d look up and laugh, she’d thump her tail once or twice, and if we actually got up, the tip of her tail would begin to quiver. I was always surprised she didn’t make herself sneeze. She’d only lift her head if you got close enough to pet her, but if you happened to have a toy, she’d leap off the sofa and start bouncing for it.

Here’s something else she’d do:

Looks uncomfortable, right? Nope. Easy access. I could reach down and scratch her head between the ears — one of her favorite spots — without either of us having to stretch. She knew what she was doing!

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26 Responses to Thank you

  1. Monica says:

    Each day I’m hoping one of your posts will say Marisol was found and is home safe and sound. Every time we drive by the woods, my little girl asks me if Marisol is in there.

  2. Jane says:

    She’s too funny, cute & smart! My dogs & I stop mid-walk every morning and (I) think about her being safe & ok & returning home while they get a cookie.

  3. Renee J says:

    I had a dream last night that Marisol was found by her mamma dog and the mamma dog alerted authoreties because she knew you were looking for her. So silly. I love all the photos.. and i love that you get to share all the fun and sweet memories with all of us. :-) you guys sound like such fantastic parents! i only wish i could come back in another life as your pet.

  4. Gail says:

    You’re welcome, Anindita–I stopped by the dog show for awhile to check it out and support the Daisy team, and it was great to have the opportunity to pass out some mini-fliers and share Mari’s story with the folks who stopped by the table. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures and your memories–I particularly love the picture of her underneath the couch cushion! What a fun and funny little girl she is. As always, thinking positive thoughts for the three of you and visualizing as strongly as I can a homecoming.

    • Gail says:

      On closer examination, I see Mari’s not under a couch cushion, but under the knees of a reclining Anindita! Even cuter :-) I’m hoping for a good sighting over the long week-end…weather’s supposed to be nice, so fingers crossed that she shows herself!

  5. Natalie says:

    Still thinking of you both all the way from British Columbia Canada!!!!

    Thanks as always for keeping people updated and for sharing wonderful photos and stories of Marisol. :)

  6. Jan S, says:

    love the photos…always hoping she will be found always….calm peace

  7. paula says:

    thank you for sharing more pictures and stories. she is so beautiful. marisol is on my mind and in my heart throughout each and every day.

  8. T Wynne says:

    I’ve only had kitties since I’ve been living on my own. But if I ever get a place that has enough space, I think I might just save another puppy like you guys did with Marisol.

    And if I do, that puppy might have her name.

  9. Kate says:

    Beyond adorable. You have more pics of her than I have of my three kids combined. :)

  10. Emily says:

    Always hopeful Marisol will be found. What wonderful pics…xx

  11. Sherry says:

    I just got back from the Fells where I was so hoping to see Marisol. I wanted to let you know that the poster that was up at the entrance from the Long Pond parking lot in Winchester was no longer there, in case you want to get another one up for the long weekend. Crossing my fingers for a sighting.

  12. Pat says:

    The three of you are always in my thoughts and prayers, and as Monica mentioned, I’m always hoping that I’m going to open up this page and read that Marisol is home with her family!!! I pray for all of you daily, do not give up hope… I still believe Marisol will be back home some day. I love the photo’s of Sol, she is so beautiful….

  13. Lauren says:

    Happy 4th of July, Mari. I hope you are enjoying your period of independence. Find a nice safe spot to hunker down for tonight’s fireworks. I’m guessing you probably don’t like them. Try and show your furry self this week. It’s been a month and we all are stumped on your hiding spot! Your new friends miss you so, but your mommy and daddy are emotionally exhausted worrying about you. Hurry home!

  14. Jane says:

    Thinking about Marisol …

    • Sue says:

      I’m still thinking of her too. I imagine there hasn’t been any news, but we’re all still pulling for her. I hope you and Andrew are doing ok. Hugs xxxxx

      • Lauren says:

        Same from our home. Was driving on s. Border today praying for a glimpse… Smart little pup is miss incognito! Hugs.

  15. Katie says:

    I’m always thinking of this poor little pup. I hope she finds her way home soon. I’m out in Natick but I’m always trying to convince my friends that we need a picnic/stakeout in the Fells. Just in case.

  16. T says:

    Stay positive! Daisy hadn’t been sighted since March and just this week has been seen twice. More importantly one of the sightings has been confirmed by her tracking team!!! Mari is still roaming. Someone mentioned in another post that the problem now is all the brush she can hideout in. Most likely the reason she hasn’t been spotted in a bit! Try to stay positive Mari will mess up one of these days!! She and Daisy are always in my thoughts and prayers!

  17. Mary says:

    Uplifting to hear the good news about the Daisy sightings. I know she and Marisol are out there and hopefully will be rescued soon. They are both in my prayers. Marisol’s army is still active and alert.

  18. Donna says:

    We miss Mari and Daisy too!!
    Prayers and thought are always with them

  19. saratogajen says:

    Still checking in and thinking of you all, Mari & Daisy while my pup sleeps at my feet. They’ll both be back doing the same soon…

  20. saratogajen says:

    Oh – wait – did you see this?

  21. Pat says:

    Just checking in…I’m glad to hear that Daisy has been spotted, and I’m sure Marisol is out there too… Who knows, maybe the two of them spend time together, wouldn’t it be wonderful to bring the both of them home together!! Marisol and Daisy are in my thoughts and prayers, and so are the both of you, don’t give up hope…Marisol will be home one day.

  22. Nora says:

    We’re very happy Daisy has been sighted and confirmed after 4 mths of searching with no sightings. The Daisy team always keeps an eye out for Marisol too, Keep the faith Marisol will make an appearance and someone will spot her as well. Praying for Marisol & Daisy’s home coming!

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