Some quick notes

- The long-haired chihuahua who was found in Reading is not Mari. Thanks for calls, emails, comments, and tweets letting us know about her. Hope she’s reunited with her family soon. She looks like a sweet little creature.

- “Feeding station” is probably not the best description of the set-up we had most recently — it wasn’t in the Fells but in the backyard of a residence, and we didn’t introduce a new food source.

We had gotten a possible sighting about a month ago and then got a follow up sighting in June that was pretty close to it — same neighborhood, same section of the Fells. There’s a house on the path between where the owners compost and have been getting animal activity, so we set up a camera to find out what it was — a compost pile provides a stable food source that a lost dog might visit, especially in a residential area that borders the Fells. We knew going in that it was probably a raccoon but wanted to check just in case.

What we got: racoons and a young coyote, approximately Mari-sized, multiple nights in a row.

The person who potentially saw Mari in May says based on photos, she thinks she may have actually seen this coyote. The June sighting was of a dog wearing a collar, so we know for sure that one wasn’t a coyote — not a lot to work from.

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14 Responses to Some quick notes

  1. Lauren says:

    Continuing to pray for her safety and eventual return. In my thoughts as always…

  2. A fellow sato .... says:

    There is no right way from here…..what you feel and what do is what we will support. We have your backs… Strength and love to you.

  3. jane says:

    Continued support and best thoughts from me as well!

  4. Emily says:

    Same here, sending support.

  5. Mary says:

    My husband and I were involved in a four-hour search for a lost dog in our neighborhood tonight. We were so impressed with the adults and children who helped us and her owners search. It was such a wonderful feeling to have her found and back home and this is what we hope and pray for Marisol and Daisy and the other missing animals out there. Most of the people we met knew about Marisol and we handed out some of the business card size posters as reminders. Sol: your army will keep on searching until you’re home with
    Anindita and Andrew. :)

  6. Lauren says:

    I was thinking hard about little Mari as usual. I firmly believe she is staying deeper in the Fells during the day to avoid the increased people foot traffic (especially if she has grown more feral over time) and makes journeys out during the black of night. I just wish there was a sure-fire technique to flush her out (without scaring her!) into your open, loving arms. I just have to believe the little one made it this far through winter weather that she can make it through a warm Puerto-Rican-esque summer! Please know we are all here to support you!

  7. T Wynne says:

    Know what I think? You helped Mari have a great time. Now she’s doing it all by herself. Wild and alone (probably thinking now and then how easy she had it in that delightful, delicious little window in her life with you.) But wild and alone is what she’s always known before you guys ever helped her out. Now she’s back to square one, but in a place that has more to offer her than she ever knew before. You can’t live forever in Disneyland. Back to basics.

    But maybe there’s another pup whose seen some tough times that needs a place to stay. A home that will be there, no matter what. Such great puppy parents can’t be alone.

    Just start thinking about it… You could help some other little mutt who needs love. If I were a neglected or abandoned pup, I wish you’d be looking out for me.

    Wait until it feels right.

  8. Mary says:

    It’s hard to believe but I met a teacher yesterday who lives in Medford and runs in the Fells. I thought he must know about Marisol but he said he didn’t.
    I gave him a business-sized poster and he promised to be on the lookout for her. Perhaps it’s time for Marisol’s army to get out beside the Fells again some weekday in the early evening with the large posters. We need to keep her photo fresh in people’s minds.

  9. Rachel says:

    Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m going to use my special birthday wish to hope that you find your Mari soon.

  10. Patricia Barbuto says:

    I don’t comment on here very often, but I have followed this site since Marisol went missing. I pray for her everynight, and I pray for the both of you that Marisol will come home. I’m sure she is still out there and just hasn’t found her way home…they say dogs always return to the spot that you lost them at, not on a daily basis…but every once in awhile. Try leaving her dog carrier chained to a tree or pole with a lock on it, so people can’t easily walk off with it, than put in t-shirts that you and your husband have worn daily for a week and a toy she use to play with. Make sure you cover it so that it won’t get wet inside if it rains, do not leave food that would attract other animals, then set up your camera to see if she comes to visit. This may take a week or so, and maybe longer but it’s worth a try…it can’t hurt. Check your camera daily, I wish you and Marisol all the LUCK in the world!!! DON’T GIVE UP…just make sure those t-shirts smell real strong :0) <3<3<3

  11. Tracy says:

    I had the most vivid dream last night that someone found Marisol. I hope it’s a psychic dream and I’m right. Best wishes.

  12. Lisa says:

    I’m keeping your little girl in my thoughts and keep posting her info on my Facebook page to spread the word since I’m not in your area. Stay strong.

  13. Diana says:

    I just saw this on Daisy’s facebook page, worth a read – it is about a dog who was lost for 4 years.

    • Sue says:

      4 years. Wow – that is amazing. Hopefully it will be Mari and Daisy’s turn soon to curl up on their favorite couch.

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